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IOS or Android – Which is better?

Now this is probably a question that we get asked at least once every week. IOS or Android – which is the better option?

Now at IAPS Phones, we have varying views on the subject. Some prefer Android and some prefer IOS. So we asked each of our staff members to draw up reasons why they liked each operating system and this is what we came up with.



Let’s start with the operating software found on all Apple devices. Our resident IOS boffins love it for a number of reasons including the fact that it is easy to use, easy to setup, gets regular updates and more. Their main reasons for loving IOS were the following:

  • IOS works properly all the time

IOS hardly ever breaks down, needs a phone reboot or a trip to a phone doctor to fix a software issue. Massive updates to the operating system also regularly appear and if a bug or problem is found, it is fixed before many users even succumb to it.

One of the major benefits of IOS is that apps on your Apple product cannot access it. So if an app should fail, it cannot take the operating system down with it which means your phone will continue to run properly. You may need to restart the app, however.

  • The range of apps available

The iStore has apps for just about anything and many developers actually focus on making an iPhone app first, before releasing the equivalent Android version, a fact that Apple lovers will be sure to remind everyone about.

  • Apple IOS is secure

Apple claims to have the most secure operating system in the world. They do this for a number of reasons. Firstly, all apps submitted to the app store are check and rechecked to ensure they cannot harm the device of someone who downloads them. Secondly, as mentioned before, apps designed for IOS cannot interact with the operating system, so even if they were malicious, they could not cause any damage in this way.


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No doubt, Android is an extremely popular operating system found on a range of devices made by all the smartphone manufacturers, but not Apple of course. Our Android fans in the office had many reasons why they loved the operating systems as much as they did. We narrowed it down to this:

  • Unlimited customization

One of the major advantages that Android has over IOS is the fact that it can be customized in just about any way possible. This allows users to make their phone totally unique to the next person’s Android device. Although some aspects require an amount of technical knowledge, most users just want to be able to change their fonts, icons and other small things such as those.

  • Android always introduce interesting features first

Android lead the way with features such as eye tracking as well as facial recognition for security purposes. Although IOS does integrate new technology, you can bet that Android is the first to try anything new.

  • Android is available on a range of handsets

Even IOS fans will admit, Apple devices are expensive and cannot be afforded by a large portion of the population of the United Kingdom. Android, however, is very different. This operating system is found on many phones such as the Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S7, to entry level phones priced cheaply.

So which operating system should you choose?

Well, we are going to chicken out a bit here. It’s too close to call for us really and ultimately, it probably will boil down to your personal preference at the end of the day. That said, both are excellent operating systems that offer much to a smartphone user.