Must have smartphone accessories

So it’s not always just about your cool smartphone that you own and you like to show off to your friends. There are now a range of incredible accessories that we have been looking into that take the smartphone experience up a notch or two, or even three! And believe us when we say that some of these are extremely useful and have a range of applications in your daily life. Let’s take a closer look but just bear in mind, some of these probably won’t work on a budget smartphone but only on the flagship, top of the range models from each manufacturer.

VR Headsets

With the world of virtual reality creeping more and more into our daily lives, virtual reality headsets are starting to make an appearance and are definitely becoming more and more popular with smartphone users. Some of these are made to work with a variety of smartphones and can enhance your gaming experience to name one of many possible applications. Samsung have in fact designed a virtual headset to work exclusively with the Galaxy S7 and we guess with later models of their flagship smartphone series.

Camera zoom lens

No doubt, the camera on smartphones have become extremely good and when used correctly can take some incredible pictures. Many, however, have a downfall in the fact that their zoom features are often slow and difficult to use. Why not try a zoom lens attachment that can do the job far better, especially if you set up your smartphone camera to take static pictures.

Alternative charging options

Now we are sure that all smartphone owners will agree, batteries run down way too quickly, especially when you are permanently on your phone scanning social media feeds or playing games such as Pokemon Go. Often we need to charge our phones but no plug points are available. So what about something as cool as a solar charger. These are now readily available and use the power of the sun to charge your phone. This is a great little gadget, especially if you live in an area that receives plenty of sunlight.

Alternatively, you could consider other options including power  banks or even a Bluetooth speaker that will not only boost your phone sound (particularly for music and getting the party started) but will charge your phone at the same time!


There are a range of add-on flashlights available for your smartphone. They can even come in app form. Perhaps the one that caught our resident ‘selfie’ experts eye was the flashlight made to enhance your ‘selfies’, especially if you do not have a front flash. Although this is more of a gimmicky accessory, we can definitely see it becoming very popular with teenagers!

Lamp and speaker

This nifty lamp can be used as a bedside light. It is controlled by your smartphone and the brightness can be adjusted easily. It also features a built-in speaker, again which can be operated straight from your phone using a Bluetooth connection.

Gaming pad

Smartphone games are becoming more and more elaborate. These games are a reason many people opt for a top of the range smartphone. If you are a gamer that loves to play on your phone, consider a special gamepad. This allows your phone to connect to it and then instead of tapping on the screen to control a character or drive a car for instance, you can use the gamepad’s joystick instead. It’s like having a mini PlayStation or XBox at your fingertips.


These are just a few of the accessories that we found to be fairly great additions to our smartphones here in the office.