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IAPS Phones is dedicated to bringing you the latest news regarding smartphones, industry news, reviews, tutorials and similar content.

We have an unbridled passion for all things tech but in particular the incredible piece of wizardry that is the smartphone. Since their entrance into the mobile phone market, they have simply changed the world and how we interact, work and play.

For the past 10 years, we have gained insight into the world of the mobile phone, with a particular focus on smartphones. It is the pinnacle of mobile phone technology that everybody wants to own, be it an Apple iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy or a host of other phones making their way onto the market.

In the past year, our attention has been pricked by the large range of budget smartphones that have entered the scene and we continually wonder at their impact over the next decade. In developing countries, they will surely be a hit, but sales in the first world will in all probability be fairly low. That said, these things are fairly hard to predict, so we will be keeping a steady eye on developments with these budget smartphones.

So check out our website, share our passion for all things tech and marvel at how the smartphone has developed in a few short years.

Where to next? Who knows, but rest assured, it’s going to be a fun ride!